Eurocentric: Silvia Wadhwa

Snip! Snip! - or: Achtung! Wild Deutschland!

Or – in the words of the immortal Monty Python:

Now for something completely different …

I thought with markets as crazy as they are these days, we could all do with a bit of a laugh ...

As the usual deafening humpha-music of the season is blearing from the radio, I thought I'd treat ya'll to a bit of cultural education – might come in handy some time when you travel to the fatherland this time of the year  … you never know. Here in Deutschland, we're smack in the middle of what's fondly called The Fifth Season, the silly season or simply KARNEVAL – you know, similar to what you have left with Mardi Gras in New Orleans (only, no boobs out, at least not in public!)

The last leg of the season traditionally gets kicked off the Thursday before … 5 crazy days until it all must finish on Ash Wednesday, when us devout Catholics (ahem … well) head straight into fasting season … Bear with me; now comes the educational part:

Today is THE DAY to mark on your calendar, if ever you head into Teutonic-land, because then it's Wieverfastelaaven, Weiberfasching or, for all ye non-natives: the women's carnival.

Sisters – all you need is a pair of sharp scissors. Brothers, boys (all you members of the vulnerable outdoor-plumbing species!) – all you need is strong nerves in the face of danger!

Slivia Wadhwa

Because on Weiberfasching the women are - officially - taking over; and the time-honored ritual to mark this occasion is that you (as a member of the female sex) MUST cut off any tie that passes you, preferably still attached to the male incumbent, and keep it as a trophy! It's a tradition that – or so I am told – goes back to the dawn of Teutonic civilization … although it begs the question: whatever DID they cut off before the invention of the tie?!

And before you ask – Yes, yours truly has also honored this old tradition on many an occasion (and shall do so again). Among the nameless hordes of snipped, I can recount a very unsuspecting Argentinean finance minister, a minor British Royal and the slightly traumatized CEO of Deutsche Bank

You might see many a trader, banker, CEO walking around with the sad end of a cut-off tie or indeed SANS today. So don't be surprised. Many, many years ago, I do recall the utterly traumatized CEO of Reuters (my boss at the time) barricading himself in the staff toilet because a horde of crazed female employees were chasing him down the corridors, brandishing large scissors.... Ah, well ... the good old days. LOL

So, all ye sisters in arms: Get your scissors ready and snip away!

And men – give them your ties (or if you DON´T wear any usually, do so then!); it might be the best offer you get …

…. And then, let me give you the inside track on this one: Also a time-honored tradition - in exchange for your tie (see pictures above) you can request a kiss …. You never know – one scary snip might by the beginning of a wonderful relationship ….

On that cheerful note, I'll sign off with the traditional Alaaf & Helau!

… a woman's gotta do what a woman's gotta do!!! .... Snip ...

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