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Tanker War Update And Something Good About Flying

Things have changed since I filed the post yesterday on the Tanker War Blogcreated by supporters of Boeing's challenge to Northrop Grumman-EADS winning the tanker deal! The web site's poll on whether Congress should nix the current deal has changed leads. Boeing fans have charged ahead.

Alaska Airlines

Over the last month I have flown Southwest, Northwest, American, United, Delta, Great Lakes Aviation (old school), and today I'm flying Alaska.

Today at the Alaska terminal at LAX, the TSA is trying something new to attempt to streamline the security process. They have two lines: "Expert," and "Casual." People who fly a lot--those who know to take off their belts and shoes and get their laptops out and have their plastic bags ready--go into the "Expert" line, while people who still have water bottles and packed a large can of hairspray deep inside their carry-on suitcase go into the "Casual" line.

I love the concept. My fear is that people will go into the shorter, faster "Expert" line who are not experts, defeating the purpose. But let's keep hope alive!

Here's a challenge: those of you who fly regularly, email me with stories of what has been going RIGHT with flying.

Well, Brooke is gone. The best thing about last night's show--other than Simon's first crush calling in--was Neil Diamond. When he first took the stage, I thought, "Uh-oh." But by the end of his song, I thought, "That guy's still got it." Meantime, as a mother, I'm getting concerned about David A. He is just not happy. Imagine the pressure!

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