There Must Be A Pony In Here Somewhere

Get Drunk, Twitter—Make $10,000 a Month

If you’re sitting at the bar lamenting your lost employment, have I got the job for you!

Wine and Laptop

Murphy-Goode Wineryin Sonoma, Calif., is offering $10,000 a month for someone to use Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and other social media to spread the word about its wine.

It’s only six months and doesn’t include health insurance, but whatever! Not like you have that now. And what could you possibly contract that a glass of Cabernet couldn’t cure?!

Plus, you’ll have plenty of cash to get health insurance if you so wish — housing is included!

So, quick recap: Live in a winery. Drink wine. Tweet. Repeat.

All you have to do is complete an employment application and upload a one-minute video demonstrating your skills for the job to And, of course, you must be 21 to apply.

Don’t worry if you’re not Twitter-savvy: , a digital think tank for the wine industry, has agreed to provide the top 10 finalists with a crash course on social media networking.

If this all sounds too familiar, that’s because Murphy-Goode owner Dave Ready, Jr., got the idea of hiring a “lifestyle correspondent” from that Australian contest earlier this year for the “Best Job in the World,”which offered six-figure pay for someone to be an island caretaker and blog about it, he told the LA Times.

And here’s a application tip that we shouldn’t even need to tell you: TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LIKE WINE.

Ready told the Times that the main weakness among the applicants was — wait for it — their inability to show a passion for wine— or for life in the Alexander Valley, the part of Sonoma the winery is in.

So, looks like we know what YOU’RE doing this weekend!

Before you jump in, wine glass first, check out the competition.

There's Adam from Austin, Texas, the governor's social-networking guru. His video opens with pics of him as a kid running around with grape juice in one hand and his videogame remote in the other hand. Now, Adam says, it's a glass of cabernet and his iPhone.

Then there's Lisa from Los Angeles, who pimped out her dog to help her sell herself for the job.

Perhaps the best is Hardy from Atlanta, who wore buck teeth and a Viking hat while sipping wine to sell himself, and displayed his digital prowess by buying the rights to