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My 2 Best Investment Plays: Empire Executions' Peter Costa

How should investors trade in today’s market? Peter Costa, president of Empire Executions and CNBC market analyst, shared his best investment plays.

Costa's Recommendations:

The Monday Trade

Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock ETF—"I think the emerging markets still have some room on the upside," Costa told CNBC.

"It’s a very low cost provider of ETFs…I think it’s a very cheap way of getting into an ETF."

CME Group—"This company has a broad spectrum of the options," he said. "When this year, we’re going to be talking about a lot of carbon and trading carbon contracts, [CME is] going to develop products that everyone’s going to be enamored by. So this one has a lot of room on the upside."

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Costa does not own hares of VWO or CME.