Google’s Not So Hot Nexus Sales

Google may rule the Internet, but they may want to rethink their reach into retail.

Leaked Image taken of Nexus One by Google.
Photo: Cory O'Brien

In its first week of sales the search giant only sold about 20,000 Nexus One units, according to mobile analytics firm Flurry.

Google launched their sale of Nexus One Jan.5. The device is $529 without a service plan and $179 with the purchase of a two-year contract with T-Mobile USA.

Flurry’s estimation of Nexus sales sharpens the notion that Google can’t touch Apple when it comes to sales of smartphones. The 3GS sold about 1.6 million 3GS iPhones during its first week of sale in early June of last year according to the firm, a figure that is 80 times that of Google’s Nexus One in its first week of sales.

The Nexus One also comes in behind the Droid's first week of sales which were estimated at 250,000 and the myTouch, which sold and estimated 60,000 during its first week on the market.

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