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One CEO's Story: Do The Right Thing, Always

As Japan Airlines , Asia's behemoth airline, flies closer to bankruptcywe’re learning more and more about the man tasked with leading the company during the restructuring.

Taking control now is Kazuo Inamori who the WSJ hailed as one of Japan’s “most revered entrepreneurs and management gurus… a man whose biography and style offer a stark contrast to the hidebound managers who have led the troubled airline in the past.”

Mr. Inamori, turns 78 years old next week and has no experience in the airline industry – BUT is considered a national treasure. His is a rags to riches story - one that includes the founding of two blue-chip Japanese companies: electronics component maker Kyocera Corp. and the No. 2 telecommunications carrier KDDI Corp .

He’s also the author of “A Compass to Fulfillment: Passion and Spirituality in Life and Business,”which was a bestseller in Japan. McGraw-Hill has just published the English-language edition of the book.

In the book he shares his management philosophy weaving together his Buddhist faith and personal experience to create a life/business philosophy based on the simplest but most profound of human concepts: do the right thing, always.

In "A Compass to Fulfillment,"Inamori tries to help you develop your own personal philosophy for success by:

  • Recognizing your deepest desires and using them to create a better reality
  • Informing all decisions with simple truths and principles
  • Elevating your mind and practicing humility
  • Living your life steered by an attitude of selfless service
  • Controlling the trajectory of your life by accepting the “will of the universe”

"A Compass to Fulfillment"is about strategic thinking, but not in the sense of business and management technicalities. It is about, first, understanding yourself, and then using that knowledge to get to the point you want to be— in your career, in your business, and in your life.

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