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Golden Globes Kick off with Big Laughs, a Serious Note

The Golden Globes are Hollywood's most intimate awards show.

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The attendees eat and drink, schmoozing around tables. They award both television and film, so the mix of actors on-stage and in the audience is perhaps more eclectic than the Oscars, with the cast of "Glee," "Lost" and "Mad Men," snagging lots of applause and laughs.

This year, the show promises to be a lot more fun because the show is hosted by a comedian -- Ricky Gervais -- for the first time in decades. I'm pretty sure Guavas is sipping beer from behind that podium.

Guavas opened the show with a monologue that danced on both sides of the fine line of what is appropriate. He made fun of how many actors think they are "the most important people on the planet!" He bashed Steve Carell for cashing in on his creation, the original "Office," though he did circle back to promote NBC's current show.

Speaking of NBC, Gervais couldn't resist making a joke about the network's ongoing late night drama, saying he'd better get on with the show before he's replaced by Leno. I'm surprised he didn't dig into the schedule overhaul further, but that may come later in the evening.

And of course Haiti is front and center. Many of the celebs in the audience sported ribbons in support of the people of Haiti. Nicole Kidman promoted a telethon which George Clooney will be hosting on Friday, and directed viewers to donate through

Onto awards, where Mo'Nique took the first honor as Best Supporting Actress, for her role as an abusive parent in Lionsgate's "Precious" (LGF). This was far from unexpected, and it bodes well for the movie's other nominations at the Globes and for the movie at the Oscars.

Paul McCartney (or as he says "That guy from Rock Band") made a surprise appearance to present the best animated feature award. It went to Disney's "Up"

Best Animated Feature went to Disney's (DIS) "Up" -- an industry favorite (and one of my favorite film's of last year). There's been lots of discussion in the industry of whether "Up" will win an Oscar nomination for 'Best Picture' -- and not just Best Animated Picture. Expanding the number of nominations to 10 should help its chances.

More to come throughout the night!

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