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Don't Miss These Sector Opportunities: Morgan Stanley's Darst

Stocks struggled on Friday, the last trading day of February. How should investors prepare for what’s ahead—and how might the month of March look for the markets? David Darst, chief investment strategist at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, shared his market outlooks.

Checking Market Pulse

“We see GDP moving along nicely, we see profits up nicely, and we see lead economic indicators up nicely,” Darst told CNBC.

“So we’ll see this as perhaps a buying opportunity—and that’s our view of this right now.”

Darst advised investors to look for opportunities in small-caps, REITs, Australia and Canada.

“We think correlations are going to broaden out,” he said. “It’s not going to be a big whoosh upwards…So you can buy, selectively, financials.”

In particular, Darst recommended Proctor & Gamble .

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