Mr. Avatar Goes to Washington

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You don’t have to be the director of the world’s highest grossing film to get a meeting with the President at the White House. But it doesn’t hurt.

James Cameron

Avatar creator James Cameron told CNBC Friday he was headed to the White House to see President Barack Obama. Cameron said that he had no specific agenda in mind, but that generally he planned to discuss environmental protection.

Environmental abuse was the overarching theme of Avatar. Using groundbreaking special effects, Cameron’s mega-blockbuster addresses the impact of a dying Earth, due to gross carelessness and neglect of natural resources.

“Avatar is meant to be a warning, a wake-up call—all of which are embedded in entertainment,” said Cameron. “I made this film as a personal statement of what we need to do to take action.”

Avatar & the White House

President Obama, along with First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, watched the film while on vacation in Hawaii several months ago.

On Thursday and Friday, Cameron made the rounds at the Capitol talking with legislators about energy legislation and what they can do to support renewable energy, such as solar and wind power.

“Our leaders need to take action, inject a little truth into the economic thinking about the environment and carbon emissions,” he said.

“I think pricing carbon is a critical piece of the puzzle,” he added, in which those parties working toward a solution are rewarded and those who are not are charged a surtax."

Aside from his envrionmental activism, Cameron is now working on new 3-D productions for smartphones and other wireless devices.