Predictions 2011

Predictions 2011: The Big Picture

When you ask three-dozen financial journalists and pundits to prognosticate about the future, you're bound to get a wide range of answers; in fact, you'd be surprised to learn how different the predictions are and how little overlap and consensus there is.

So, CNBC convened an ad hoc editorial board to come up with a few pressing questions to put to five of our most seasoned members—who also happen to be very bright and highly opinionated—for what we call "The Big Picture."

Our fab five probably don't need any introduction, but as precision counts in the predictions business, we'll list them just the same: Maria Bartiromoof "Closing Bell",Jim Cramer of "Mad Money", Joe Kernenof "Squawk Box", Larry Kudlow of "The Kudlow Report" and Pete Najarian of "Fast Money."

Find out what they expect out of China, Europe's PIGS and Facebook this year. You'll also learn their biggest fear, and, well, in a way their biggest hope.