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HP's TouchPad Vs. Apple's iPad

HP 9.7" Touchpad

HP is amping up its assembly lines with a product that will try to compete with the iPad, in the world of tablets.

On July 1st, HP will break into the tablet wars with with the "TouchPad."

A recent JP Morgan analyst report showed that companies looking to compete with the iPad2 have cut back production by 10% since March. So we'll really have to see if HP makes any headway.

Maria Bartiromo spoke with Todd Bradley, Executive Vice President of Personal Systems Group at Hewlett-Packard about the TouchPad.

TouchPad: HP Ready for Tablet Battle

Bradley is very well aware that he's going into a long battle in the tablet space. "We've got to accept we're at the beginning of the marathon and not the end of the sprint," said Bradley.

Bradley pointed out the TouchPad is designed "strictly to connect to the internet," compared to the PC. HP recently "announced enterprise apps with citrix and SAP." Bradley is "looking at the breadth of the market."

In the tablet space Bradley believes "there are plenty of opportunities in the mature markets in US and western Europe." The outlook for emerging markets is even better. Bradley sees the emerging markets as a "huge opportunity" in both PC and tablet business.



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