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Tiger's Robertson Talks Opportunities

Julian Robertson, founder and former CEO of Tiger Management

Hedge Fund juggernaut, Tiger Management delivered gains of annualized returns of 32% each year between 1980 and 1988.

Julian Robertson spoke exclusively with Maria Bartiromo about his investments worldwide.

Robertson believes that the tech boom is still going strong, global stocks are cheap and he's looking for opportunities around the globe.   

When asked if he was concerned over Europe's debt situation and the struggling US economy, Robertson told Bartiromo "our political leadership is doing nothing to really help us get out of this current situation. Worldwide, Europe is just in a state of financial collapse." Bartiromo asked if he was expecting a default in Greece and Robertson replied, "Oh, yes." But default expectations do not stop there. Robertson believes there are real concerns for Portugal, even Italy as well.  

Robertson is still finding opportunities in Europe, by being long on the Norwegian Krone . Robertson is also bullish on the Canadian and Singapore dollar . "Singapore dollar is strong as can be," added Robertson.

Robertson believes tech stocks may rally further, Apple and Google are prime examples. "Apple with or without Steve Jobs will continue to move ahead," said Robertson. Robertson also told Bartiromo that retailing is going the way of an Amazon-type business model.  

On the bond front, Robertson raised a red flag. Robertson said "rates on bonds just continue to fall, they never go up. But supposed some of these bond — owners of our bonds did sell them." What impact will that have? Robertson believes rates could move pretty quickly if that were to happen.

Donna Burton contributed to this report.



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