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Warren Buffett Taking On 'All Comers' In 'Newspaper Tossing Challenge'

Along with serious subjects like CEO succession and a continuing "depression" in the housing market, Warren Buffett's new letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders also reveals a "new activity" for this year's annual meeting.

Buffett writes that he will "take on all comers" in a "Newspaper Tossing Challenge."

After Berkshire bought the Omaha World-Heraldin November, Buffett says he saw "skepticism" in the eyes of its employees when he bragged about the "folding and throwing skills I developed while delivering 500,000 papers (The Washington Post) as a teenager."

So now he has to "back up" his claim:

"I will take on all comers in making 35-foot tosses of the World-Herald to a Clayton porch. Any challenger whose paper lands closer to the doorstep than mine will receive a dilly bar. I’ve asked Dairy Queen to supply several for the contest, though I doubt that any will be needed. We will have a large stack of papers. Grab one. Fold it (no rubber bands). Take your best shot. Make my day."

The big event will take place just after the doors open at Omaha's CenturyLink Center (previously Qwest Center) at 7a on Saturday, May 5 for this year's shareholders gathering.

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