Return on Retirement

CNBC Poll: Do You Plan to Work an Extra Year or Two Before Retiring?

Retirement - A CNBC Special Report

With 10,000 Americans turning 65 years old every day, many members of the Baby Boom generation are debating at what age to retire. Some on the road to collecting Social Security benefits are working well into their golden years and delaying retirement to improve their security.

While there are major financial benefits to working longer and delaying retirement (adding to your retirement assets, deferring drawing down those assets, and delaying the date you begin to receive Social Security benefits) the Employee Benefit and Research Institute , EBRI, finds that even by delaying retirement to age 80, some people are still "at risk" of running short of money in retirement.

Even using a bare-bones living standard, most lower-income Americans have only a 50-50 chance that their money will last, the study suggests.

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