The Facebook IPO

Important Dates in Facebook's History


From a Harvard dorm room to a $100 billion Silicon Valley powerhouse, Facebook has come a long way.

Founder of Mark Zuckerberg, right, and Dustin Moscovitz, co-founder, left; have their photo taken at Harvard Yard.
Justine Hunt | Boston Globe | Getty

The social networking site that started in 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg and college friends , Chris Hughes and — has since "graduated" from college, and now reaches 901 million users all over the globe.

It is expected to be the largest Internet initial public offering ever when it prices May 17 after the bell — it will begin trading May 18 on the Nasdaq under the symbol FB .

So, what did it take to become the largest social-media site in the world? Click through the interactive timeline below for some of the key dates in Facebook's history. (Give it a few seconds to load. It’s worth it.)  

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-By CNBC's Gennine Kelly