Richard M. Powell Slideshow


Richard Powell picked Orlando, Florida as the base of operations for AP Capital Partners because he considers it "a city of opportunity." He researched locations and chose Orlando for its growth and future potential.

Orlando has a small but vibrant downtown, with a lovely park and a growing neighborhood of restaurants and bars around the central office towers where Richard Powell does business.

Richard Powell was born in Jamaica, where his father worked in equipment distribution. One of his first major investments was in an international agricultural equipment distribution firm, MapEx, now run by his family.

Richard Powell was working all the time as we shot. It didn't really matter where we were.

Richard Powell's living room is dominated by his TV. He always leaves it set to CNBC, except for the occasional soccer match. He was a star soccer player in Jamaica, before he came to the US during his high school years.

AP Capital Partners' offices are modest. Richard Powell is clearly much more interested in putting money into his investments.

In addition to AP Capital Partners, he is actively involved in running MapEx.

Richard Powell is continually on the go. Outside his lawyers' offices in downtown Orlando, he catches up on his schedule.