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Financial Jargon Your Adviser May Throw at You


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Decoded: Your Adviser's Financial Jargon

The world of finance is loaded with technical concepts and complicated terminology — much of it vital shorthand for industry participants, including your financial adviser. From estate planning to investment, to taxes, complex terms and phrases are basic to strategy and execution.

It’s likely your adviser will fall back on using this jargon when soliciting your business and, later, in the planning and execution of your financial accounts. In some cases, the words may sound impressive; in other cases, intimidating or confusing. Worse, some of the vocabulary isn’t what it sounds like.

You may want to take note of these terms during your meetings and check them out later in a financial dictionary or glossary, such as CNBC Explains or one of the sources below.

We’ve highlighted some of the more colorful, and perhaps misleading, terms you may encounter. Check out these 10 curious terms (in alphabetical order).

8 Oct. 2012

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