Obama Hosts 'Fiscal Cliff' Twitter Chat

Jim Watsom | AFP | GettyImages

Twitter users with questions about the so-called 'fiscal cliff' had a chance to ask President Obama about it themselves Monday.

Obama hosted a question and answer discussion on the social network Monday afternoon allowing users to ask the president questions about his debt reduction plan.

Obama responded to questions that used the hashtag 'My2k,' which is the hashtag the his administration is using to promote its plan to extend middle class tax cuts.

The hashtag represents the $2,000 Americans are expected to save if the tax cuts are extended, according to the administration.

The first question posted asked Obama to assure the American people that the debt negotiations would not affect the most needy.

"Mr. President, can you assure us that any "fiscal cliff" negotiations regarding entitlement reform will not hurt the most needy? #My2K," Twitter user @pmmckenzie asked.

Obama said "we can reduce deficit in balanced way by ending tax cuts for top 2% reforms that strengthen safety net & invest in future –bo"

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