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Cities That Are Most Prepared for Retirement

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When considering retirement, people consider whether they will have saved enough money, and when retirement time comes, many may move to locations more affordable for a fixed budget. But if everyone stays put in their current locations, what areas stack up as having the residents who are the best prepared for retirement? To find out which cities have populations with the most readiness, the Ameriprise Financial planning company put together the New Retirement Mindscape 2012 City Pulse index.

In keeping with the name, the survey takes the pulse of the populations of America's 30 largest metropolitan areas, ranking them based on whether residents have determined how much they will need to save and their saving habits. It asks about their priorities in retirement, like travel, spending time with family and staying healthy, and it gauges their confidence and optimism for their post-career futures. Here they are, ranked by the confidence level of residents.

By Colleen Kane
Posted 3 Jan. 2013

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