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Exit Plan - How to Retire Abroad: Ecuador

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Exit Plan - How to Retire Abroad: Ecuador

What's the ultimate destination for the retiree who wants to live abroad? According to the Annual Global Retirement Index of the publication, the answer is Ecuador.

Every year, the editors evaluate information gathered by experts, who explore countries that are the most popular with American and Canadian retirees. Among the factors they weigh are the climate, the cost of living and how friendly the people are. Ecuador scored high on all of them, and then some.

Dan Prescher, Special Projects Editor for, offered his insights into why Ecuador, the country that he calls home, took top honors this year. While he said in an e-mail that the South American country offers amenities that anyone could enjoy, retirees receive discounts that make life there pleasant and affordable.

"Ecuador is inexpensive for everyone, but especially so for retirees," he said. "Seniors residing in Ecuador qualify for half-price entertainment and local transport, discounted airfares, and refunds of sales tax."

Read ahead to find out more about Ecuador, and see if it's the retirement destination for you.

By Daniel Bukszpan
Posted 18 January 2013

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