E3: Scenes From the Video Game Circus

Chris Morris, Special to CNBC.com

Scenes From E3

Playing Killer Instinct on Microsoft's Xbox One console at the Xbox booth
Jonathan Alcorn | Bloomberg | Getty Images

The video-game industry's annual E3 trade show is much like a carnival. And to get a true sense of the barely controlled chaos, you need to look past the game booths and crowded show floor.

This year, Nintendo offered people who were unable to attend the show (which is the vast majority of the gaming population) the opportunity to play demos of the unreleased games at more than 100 Best Buy locations around the country. That gave fans a bite of the smorgasbord.

E3 is a constantly moving, nearly organic being. Capturing all of the show's eccentricities is impossible, but here are a few snapshots of the industry's annual party-trade show.

By Chris Morris, Special to CNBC.com
Posted 13 June 2013