Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2013

Ten Video Games to Watch This Holiday Season: E3

Chris Morris, Special to CNBC.com

10 Games to Watch This Holiday Season

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Video game publishers and developers have spent the better part of this week at E3 trying to wow the often-jaded gamer with new installments of favorite franchises, games they've never heard of before and plenty of sizzle reels.

They've done a pretty good job, too, judging by feedback on gaming forums.

But what they've quite often downplayed is the critical need for patience. The games of E3 often don't make it to retail for a year or two (and sometimes even longer).

As we've put together this year's list of games that caught our eye, we've tried to focus on those that should be available this holiday season. (And it was a tough list to compile, since many of the most outstanding games of the show have 2014 release dates.)

Keep in mind, delays are regular occurrences in this industry—so there's no guarantee all of these will make it to store shelves on schedule.

Here are 10 titles we expect will make an impact in 2013:

By Chris Morris, Special to CNBC.com
Posted 13 June 2013

Watch Dogs

Image Source | Ubisoft

Ubisoft blew the doors off the 2012 E3 with this franchise. The buzz surrounding it hasn't died down—and it looked great at this year's show. You'll play a hacker in a distopian society that seems ripped from today's Prism headlines. (The recent controversy has only helped increase interest in the game.) Player fatigue with endless sequels could help "Watch Dogs&q