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Going to extreme (flavors) in chips and beer

Potato chips and beer, messing with perfection

When it comes to snacking, nothing—and we mean nothing—can get an American licking their fingers faster than a potato chip. Open a bag of those salted spuds and the aroma can send you into a feeding frenzy.

Many a late night has been spent on the couch, feet up, arms up to the elbow grabbing the last itty-bitty chip from the bag. We've even bypassed our hands all together and poured the last of them directly into our mouths – c'mon, you know you've done it.

We've dipped 'em, we've curled 'em, we've added ridges, we've even put 'em in a can so as not to break 'em. We love our chips.

But now, we're messing with 'em by adding flavors (as in sheep guts) that will surely stop you from eating just one.

Why, oh why mess with perfection?

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It's just like beer.

More and more companies are trying to get you to fill your frosted ones with designer flavors.

In this Chew and Brew, Jane Wells finds some chips that don't belong on the old block and Tom Rotunno pours some suds that fall flat.