This domestic stock beyond DC’s reach

Cramers US oil play

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The catalysts behind this stock are so powerful, Cramer says they should transcend politics.

"We've got an incredible oil and gas renaissance happening in this country right now," Cramer said. "Companies are finding massive amounts of crude in places like the , the Eagle Ford shale, and the Permian Basin, and no matter what happens in Washington, the production from these regions will keep growing like a weed. "

Therefore, in the event of a prolonged government shutdown, Cramer thinks companies tethered to this theme will be among the first to bounce.

Although there are many ways to play it, Cramer thinks Cimarex may be worthy of immediate attention.

That's because Cimarex is very involved in the Permian – especially the Delaware Basin which is a section of the Permian.

"There's a growing belief the Delaware Basin (which is in Texas and New Mexico, not the state of Delaware), could be America's next major red-hot oil discovery," Cramer explained.

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It appears Cimarex is betting it will be too.

Out of a total capital expenditure budget of $1.5 billion for 2013, Cimarex plans to invest $950 million of that money in the Permian.

In fact, Cramer thinks Cimarex may be the closest thing to a Delaware Basin pure play that an investor can find. So if the Delaware realizes potential, profits at Cimarex could grow substantially.

That's not to say that the Street hasn't already caught on. It has.

"This stock has had an enormous run. It's been on fire, up 64% year-to-date, to barely more than a point off of its 52-week high," Cramer admitted.

However, the Mad Money host believes the path of least resistance remains higher.

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"Even with recent gains Cimarex remains cheap relative to its peers," Cramer said. "Cimarex's enterprise value is just five times its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, which is a 37.5% discount to the enterprise multiple its competitors get."

"On top of that, the company has a strong balance sheet, with a debt to capital ratio of just 20% and $2.1 billion of liquidity, more than enough to fund their drilling plans and perhaps even make an acquisition."

Therefore Cramer thinks that even near a 52-week high, this stock can continue to rally. However, Cramer hates to chase. Therefore he added, "wait for a pullback before you pull the trigger. I think you get one."

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