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Did you miss this bullish ‘tell’?

Global picture robust for Alcoa's engineering: Cramer

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With so much attention on the debt debacle, Cramer fears you may have missed an important development in the market.

Aloca earnings, which were released earlier in the week, were bullish for global growth.

"I thought Alcoa painted an incredibly rosy picture, one that shows that we are about to really break into a global head of steam," Cramer said.

The Mad Money host noted a number of metrics he found impressive, many of which involved Alcoa's engineered products business. That's the division that crafts aluminum into cast metal items; things such as plane fuselages.

Looking at aerospace, "Alcoa cited a backlog of 10,000 aircraft. And sales in this part of Aloca's business are growing at a 9 to 10% clip," Cramer said.

That's strong.

And the strength isn't isolated to just one business unit.

Adam Jeffery | CNBC

"For example, take Alcoa's Heavy Truck & Trailer business, an incredibly important end market for Alcoa," Cramer added. "The United States continues to show sluggish orders in this key category but Alcoa boosted its outlook for Europe and upped its China growth rate from 12 to 16% to 17 to 20%.

That's impressive.

"Same with Alcoa's auto division," Cramer added. "Alcoa kept the U.S. steady but its China forecast went from 7-10% to 9 to 11%. "

In addition, "Alcoa's keeping its worldwide commercial building and construction forecast at plus 4-5% and maintaining is beverage can and packaging business at 1-2%."

Because Alcoa's aluminum is used by several key industries - automotive, aerospace and construction Cramer thinks these metrics bode well for the bulls.

"These results say to me the world is getting stronger," he said.

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These are exactly the kind of developments Cramer looks for as he determines how and where to put money to work. And he fears you may have missed them amid all the headline grabbing twists and turns coming out of Washington.

Of course, if lawmakers fail to find common ground and the US defaults on its debt all of the metrics outlined above are moot. But if the nation does not default then these results from Alcoa become noteworthy – extremely noteworthy.

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