Discounts surfacing in the market

The Mad Money host always looks for trends in the market. And he says lately the market has been giving you opportunities to buy good stocks at discount prices.

He says it happened with Yelp when the stock sold-off after earnings only to bounce back a few days later.

The same, he says, is true of 3M, United Technologies and Boeing, all of which sold off into the Fed meeting and then bounced thereafter.

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And now Cramer thinks another stock is about to follow suit.


"After listening to the company's conference call, a lot of people decided that Visa has peaked," Cramer said. "They were upset by comments that consumer spending in this country had suffered a downturn because of the government shutdown and the debt ceiling wrangling."

Shares pulled back about 3%.

And like the stocks mentioned above, Cramer thinks Visa is also about to bounce. He suspects pros are about to remember 3 things:

1. Visa is an international story about consumers switching from paper to plastic.

2. Visa is shareholder friendly

3. Swoons in the stock are typically erased by the next quarter.

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"I believe that at long last, you've been given a terrific chance to buy Visa at what I believe is a nifty discount," Cramer said. "As far as I can tell, the stock will be trading higher just a few short weeks from now. "

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