Cramer's natural winners

Sometimes it seems that almost everyone is going organic.

That was certainly the feeling after Whole Foods lowered its sales forecast citing price cuts to keep up with competition.

Whole Foods had dominated the once niche area of retail, appealing to consumers looking for natural and organic products.

However, in recent years the niche has become much more mainstream and as a result competition has ignited in almost every corner of the sector ranging from gourmet markets such as Fairway and Fresh Market to big box stores carrying organic produce, including Target, Costco and even Wal-Mart.

As a result Whole Foods had to lower prices to compete.

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Developments may seem bearish on the surface. If the sector is becoming glutted with competition, then profits will erode, right?

Not necessarily.

Cramer sees developments a little differently. He takes them as a sign that the organic and natural trends are much more than temporary fads as they were in the 1970's.

Instead the pronounced shift suggests to Cramer that healthy eating is here to stay.

And if that's indeed the case, Cramer can see at least 3 clear-cut winners.

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"First, and most obvious, is Hain Celestial Group," Cramer said. Hain is buying up anything and everything that's natural and organic, recognizing there is a seachange underway in the industry."

"Second is White Wave," Cramer added. "Here's a company that excels in plant based drinks, notably soy and almond, with the latter being about the fastest growing category in the industry."

"Finally, there's Clorox, because of its acquisition of Burt's Bees, a maker of natural and sustainable cosmetics such as moisturizes, lip care products, washes and soaps and more," Cramer noted. "The business is growing by double digits with Burt's Bees products winning shelf space more rapidly than most anything in recent memory."

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