Hot gadget catches Cramer’s eye

Fitbit CEO: On forefront of new generation health devices

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Sometimes a company makes a product that Cramer finds so intriguing, he can't wait for it to go public before talking to the CEO.

That's certainly the case with Fitbit chief James Park, an executive who has leveraged one of Cramer's favorite investable themes – healthy living.

Source: FitBit

Fitbit makes state of the art devices that can help people stay in shape.

For example, the company makes something called the Fitbit Force, a sleek wristbrand that can track all kinds of fitness related activities, such as the number of steps you take while you walk your dog or the number of calories your burn while you're running on the treadmill.

"This company is absolutely a pioneer in the industry and that's why I want you to know about them," Cramer explained.

"It probably wouldn't have been possible to do this, even 10 years ago," revealed James Park, Fitbit's co-founder and CEO during the Mad Money interview. "A lot of analytics are stored in the cloud."

"Absolutely state of the art," Cramer added.

The Mad Money host is convinced that disruptive technology such as this, could be game changing. And he thinks the ripple could cut a swath across entire industries, impacting stocks that you may hold in your portfolio right now.

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In the case of Fitbit, "It was the first company to move into this space back in 2009, but now everybody from Nike to Under Armour is trying to get in on the action."

This is definitely something Cramer will keep an eye on.

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