Lexus posts ad on Instagram; users flip out

Lexus has an ad on Instagram, and people are freaking out about it.

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An ad for the carmaker, which was posted Friday, has gotten more than 1,000 comments—most of them pretty hateful.

Here's just a handful.

"Why am I seeing this if I don't follow you?"

"Lexus you officially suck!!!"

"Get rid of these!"

"Gross. F***k you @lexususa"

From the comments section, you'd think Lexus advertising on Instagram is a complete fail.

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But the number of "likes" on the same image tells a different story. It got more than 28,000 in just a few hours, which is impressive considering that many of its other posted images on Instagram have only a few thousand "likes" or fewer.

So what's going on? Are the ads working?

When it comes to increasing "likes," the simple answer is yes. The answer is also yes in terms of engagement, but that's more complicated because a lot of negative feedback is being posted.

The Facebook-owned company rolled out its first ad—for Michael Kors—earlier this month.

The analytics company Nitogram released data on responses to that ad, and the results were positive. According to Nitogram, the ad's engagement was successful, increasing followers and total reach.

At the Gigaom Roadmap conference earlier this month, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom said that more than 5 percent of the ads featured on the platform have garnered "likes."

The Michael Kors ad, posted about three weeks ago, got 229,000-plus "likes" and more than 1,700 comments. There was significant backlash in the comments section about the ad's showing up in the feed of users who aren't brand followers, however.

Bottom line: More "likes" is good for brands. And engagement appears to be up, but as with the Lexus ad, that isn't always positive.

By CNBC's Cadie Thompson. Follow her on Twitter @CadieThompson.