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Strongest regional out there: Cramer

Texas great place to start business: TCBI CEO

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This bank is on fire, said Jim Cramer. Absolutely on fire.

The "Mad Money" host was talking about Texas Capital BancShares.

"People say don't mess with Texas but I'd like to propose a corollary: don't mess with Texas Capital BancShares!"

Not only does the Mad Money host think the regional bank is well poised to benefit from rising interest rates, but, because the company is headquartered in Dallas, he thinks it stands to benefit from a trend underway that Cramer believes will be transformative.

That is, the domestic energy renaissance.

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If you watch Mad Money regularly, you know that Jim Cramer firmly believes that newly accessible deposits of oil and natural gas in places such as the Permian Basin and Eagle Ford shale could lead to North American energy independence by 2020 and spread prosperity from coast to coast.

And Texas Capital Bancshares is sitting in the very hub of what could be a vast financial opportunity.

Of course, a company also has to be well run to get Cramer's attention. And under the leadership of CEO George Jones Texas Capital Bancshres is very well run.

In fact, it's so well run that even when the company reported earnings that missed Wall Street's expectations back in October shares quickly jumped.

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"The underlying metrics were that strong," Cramer said. "Total loans grew 10% year over year and total deposits surged 33%."

Like Cramer said, don't mess with Texas Capital Bancshares.

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