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‘Organic’ growth driving organic supermarket

We owe part of success to healthier eating trend: Whole Foods co-CEO

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It appears that Whole Foods knows a thing or two about organic and we're not just talking lettuce.

The seller of organic and natural foods told Jim Cramer during an exclusive interview that the appetite for its unique assortment of foods is so robust, they're upping expansion plans.

That is, in the past Whole Foods has said it expected to one day have 1,000 stores in the United States, up from around 300 as of summer 2013.

Jim Cramer talking with John Mackey and Walter Robb, the co-CEOs of Whole Foods.
Kate Kohlbrenner | CNBC

However, John Mackey and Walter Robb, the co-CEOs of Whole Foods told Jim Cramer that target is now 1,200 – that's a 20% increase in less than 6 months.

That may seem like a small change, but Cramer says it reveals big things about the ambitions of Whole Foods as well as the trend of healthy eating.

Earlier in the year, metrics released by Whole Foods called growth into question when same store sales decelerated to 5.9 percent, the slowest pace of the year.

Skeptics worried that the healthy eating trend had peaked.

"But, if that were the case, would Whole Foods need to expand?" Cramer asked.

Cramer is convinced any earlier declines were actually signs of an acceleration in the healthy eating trend with more companies getting in on the act and generating more competition.

"Even Wal-Mart got on the band wagon," Cramer reminded.

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But Cramer doesn't think increased competition is a big problem for Whole Foods.

"The company is just incredibly well run," he said. And it's become almost synonymous with nutritious food.

If you're looking to play the theme, "this one is a keeper," Cramer said.

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