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Weakness signals surge in healthy eating?

Chatter in the market suggests that some healthy eating stocks may be facing challenges.

" skidded lower after it reported disappointing third-quarter results and cut guidance for the full fiscal year. Meanwhile, Fairway also had a tough quarter," Jim Cramer explained.

Although some investors take results to mean the entire space is challenged, Cramer doesn't think that's the right conclusion. He believes healthy eating is a theme that should endure for some time.

Instead, he thinks the weakness in Fairway and Fresh Market is a sign the trend is getting stronger.


You read that right. He thinks the weakness is a sign the trend is growing.

How can that be?

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Simple. Cramer thinks because healthy eating has become so pervasive specialty stores such as Fresh Market and Fairway are beginning to face serious competition from more standard supermarkets.

And as specialty markets and supermarkets take healthy eating to the next level, Cramer thinks individual investors can profit.

"If you have lots of regular supermarkets trying to stock natural and organic foods to compete with the specialty guys, that's extremely good news for Hain Celestial, because you can't have a decent selection of natural food without Hain," Cramer said.

Looking at recent earnings released by Hain, demand seems to be growing by leaps and bounds

According to a report in Newsday, earnings rose to $27.7 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2014, a 69 percent increase from the $16.4-million profit the company made in the same period the previous year.

Sales rose 33 percent to $477.5 million in the quarter ended Sept. 30, beating the average of analysts' estimates.

In the company's Hain Celestial U.S. unit, sales rose 23 percent to $312 million. Ella's Kitchen, an organic baby food brand, and BluePrint, a line of raw and organic fruit and vegetable juices, helped boost domestic sales, the company noted. Both brands were acquired after the first quarter of 2013.

Sales rose across Hain's numerous food brands, including Earth's Best organic baby food, The Greek Gods yogurt, Arrowhead Mills cereals and grains, and Linda McCartney vegetarian frozen meals.

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Cramer believes his thesis is confirmed by these earnings – that is, more and more standard supermarkets are looking to stock Hain products to compete with specialty stores.

Therefore, he thinks Hain is a buy

"The stock is trading below where it was before it reported those great earnings, " Cramer added. "It's a few days before Thanksgiving, and as far as I'm concerned, I think you're being given a real holiday gift here."

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