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Stock shocks: The world's top-performing markets

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Easy money and a rising tide

CNBC presents the 10 top-performing global stock markets for 2013. Based on a ranking of the primary indexes that CNBC tracks, the list is a mix of advanced economies and frontier/emerging markets—and a couple of countries still teetering on the brink in between. The results might puzzle those uninitiated in market mechanics, but according to at least one expert, there is indeed rhyme and reason in the seeming randomness.

Sameer Samana, senior international strategist at Wells Fargo Advisors, shared his take on the findings with CNBC. "For the most part, the real theme of this year is easy money, a rising tide, a lot of countries coming back from the brink and, then, your high-quality players that will continue to benefit from any global tailwind," he said.

By Kenneth Kiesnoski,
Posted: 18 Dec. 2013

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