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Cramer: Bet the farm on Seattle

Seattle's biggest winner: Starbucks

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If you're looking to win, Jim Cramer thinks you should place your bets on Seattle.

Oh no, we're not talking football. We're talking stocks.

Jim Cramer believes some of the best companies to own in your portfolio either call the Emerald City home or have a deep connection to it.

Skyline, Seattle, Washington.
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For example, Cramer is a big fan of Boeing. Although the company moved its headquarter from Seattle to Chicago, its biggest factories remain in the Seattle area.

"There's a reason why Boeing was the best performing Dow stock last year," Cramer noted. The "Mad Money" host believes Boeing remains a solid play on aerospace and the number of new planes going into service around the world.

Also Cramer is a fan of Costco, which is based in Western Washington. "Costco has delivered the best, most consistent growth of any retailer through this rough period," Cramer said.

Then there's Microsoft, a company famed for creating countless millionaires in the Seattle region.

"Microsoft put it all together with great numbers from Windows, from enterprise software, and most importantly from the Surface and the XBOX franchises. It was a truly terrific performance and I believe the stock would have been up maybe twice as much if this hadn't been such a chaotic session."

But, perhaps, of all the companies headquartered in the region, none impresses Cramer more than Starbucks.

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Not only does Cramer feel that the company is executing very well, he believes this java giant is actually in the early stages of massive growth.

That is, through the acquisition of Teavana, Cramer sees Starbucks doing for tea what it's already done for coffee.

"It's a $90 billion global category – twice the size of coffee," CEO Howard Schultz told Cramer in an interview earlier this year.

"The acquisition was brilliant," Cramer added. "With Teavana, Starbucks is rolling out an entirely fresh concept that could give this terrific company still one more long-lasting growth driver."

Cramer believes the price action in Starbucks speaks directly to the company's prospects. On Friday as the broad stock market finished its worst week since summer 2012, Starbucks closed in the green.

"Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz is one of my bankable 21 CEOs," Cramer said, referring to a list from his new book "Get Rich Carefully." This is just another reason why.

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