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Apple iWatch expected this year

Tech Yeah! iWatch coming?

After last year's launch of Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch, Apple could be coming out with its own wearable device, and it may eventually be more popular than than Samsung's, one analyst suggests.

Apple's smartwatch will be far from first to market, but if any tech company gets the smartwatch right, it'll be Apple, according to Alex Gauna, managing director at JMP Securities. Gauna said that an Apple iWatch could be introduced along with the iPhone 6 later this year.

An iWatch concept design.
Source: Martin Hajek

"We haven't seen, we don't believe anyway, a device that's really captivated the imagination of next-generation wearables consumers," Gauna said.

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Apple's smartwatch is expected to have a screen made of curved glass and could also have a curved battery and solar charging, according to The New York Times. A spokeswoman for Apple declined to comment on future products and technologies, the newspaper said.

The market for wearable technology is expected to triple between 2013 and 2018, to $30 billion, according to forecasts by research firm IHS. That includes wearable devices dedicated to fitness tracking, a feature expected from the iWatch as well.

"I think Apple can really do something unique. I don't think that they will stop simply at having fitness be what it's good at," Gauna added.