Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush

Jane West: Wife, mother and 'potrepreneur'

By Savannah Sellers, Special to CNBC
The Martha Stewart of pot
The Martha Stewart of pot

Meet Jane West, a married, 37-year-old mother of two living in an affluent Denver suburb. By day she drops her oldest son off at kindergarten; by night she attends the cannabis-friendly events she organizes.

In West's own words, she's "one part Martha Stewart and one part Walter White."

West is just one of a growing number of Colorado "potrepreneurs." She created her company, Edible Events, with the aim to create and profit from a pot-centric scene for people with her social profile—people who don't necessarily fit the stoner stereotype.

"There are all sorts of demographics that are making the most of what Colorado and Denver [have] legalized here," West said. "We're really kind of starting to change the face of what you think a cannabis consumer looks like."

West hopes that consuming marijuana will become as commonplace and acceptable as enjoying a glass of wine—a vision that may become a reality sooner than many think. Support for the legalization of marijuana has spiked in the past decade, from 32 percent in 2002 to a majority 55 percent today.

West has a message for those on the fence.

"I use marijuana, and that's OK. It's legal now, and maybe you should try it, too."

—By Savannah Sellers, Special to CNBC

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