Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush

  • Sative Blondie Mix
    By: By Celia Seupel, Special to CNBC

    When it comes to recreational marijuana, forget the joint! People in Colorado are enjoying cannabis in brand new ways, including edibles, drinks, dabs and more.

  • The Google of cannabis?
    By: Savannah Sellers, Special to CNBC

    Todd Mitchem's company, Open Vape, manufactures a product similar to an e-cigarette. It's a pen that heats a cartridge filled with purified cannabis oil.

  • The Martha Stewart of pot
    By: By Savannah Sellers, Special to CNBC

    West, who lives in an affluent Denver suburb, calls herself "one part Martha Stewart and one part Walter White."

  • Nicholas Broms, who was involved in a drug-related explosion last November. Broms was one of the growing number of casualties from manufacturing hash oil, a potent marijuana byproduct made with butane.
    By: Celia Watson Seupel, Special to CNBC

    From exploding kitchens to super-intense highs, making and smoking marijuana concentrate—aka “dabs”—is getting more attention in the move toward legalization.

  • Interview with a drug dealer
    By: By Savannah Sellers, Special to CNBC

    While out exploring marijuana's first legal frontier, CNBC took a moment to catch up with one young man who has stayed on the darker side of weed—the illegal side.

  • By: Na Eng, Special to CNBC.com

    About 60 miles northeast of Denver a battle between legal marijuana is going on. While Greeley, Colo., is shunning marijuana, neighboring Garden City is celebrating it.


  • To sample or not to sample

    Starbuds marijuana dispensary owner Brian Ruden on whether he tests his own products.

  • No drug testing required

    Working in Colorado's pot industry requires background checks by the state's Marijuana Enforcement Division but no drug tests are necessary.

  • Pot Tourists

    Tourism has long fueled Colorado's economy. Now its visitors have another reason to spend money here -- legal weed.

  • Green rush

    If the legal sale of marijuana is revolutionary, the growth around Colorado's pot industry may be equally groundbreaking as hundreds of companies vie for a share of the state's projected $800 million marijuana market.

  • Edibles

    When it comes to marijuana-infused edibles, there really can be too much of a good thing.

  • Smoke-free bliss

    Similar to an e-cigarette, Open Vape pens have cartridges filled with purified cannabis oil. For the user, its discreet, smoke-free bliss.

  • Greely opposition

    Roughly a third of all municipalities in Colorado have opted out of the statewide legalization of pot. The city of Greeley wants no part of legal weed.

About Marijuana in America: Colorado Pot Rush

  • Colorado made history as the first state in the U.S. to legalize marijuana for recreational use. NBC News correspondent Harry Smith tells the story behind this stunning development, which has been called one of the great social experiments of the next century.

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