And the highest paid interns are....

A sign on the exterior of Twitter headquarters on Feb. 5, 2014, in San Francisco.
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This highest paid interns work mostly at tech companies, including at big players like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, and interns at top companies can make more than $7,000 a month on average says a new report by a career services company.

The three highest paying firms are Palantir ($7,012/month average), VMware ($6,996/month), and Twitter ($6,791/month) according to a list compiled by

All but six of the top 25 companies were tech-related, and four out of that six—Schlumberger, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and ConocoPhillips—are in the oil, gas and utilities sector.

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Perhaps not surprising in the wake of the financial crisis, Wall Street was almost entirely absent from the list. BlackRock Capital and credit CapitalOne were the only financial services firms to make the cut.

Glassdoor bases its rankings on information submitted by interns, and a company needs no more than 20 salary reports to be considered for the list. So, it is possible that some high-paying companies could be left out.

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