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Ordinary folks who became millionaires on YouTube

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Guess who's part of the YouTube uber rich

The idea that someone can become rich by mugging for a Webcam or recording themselves doing things millions of other people do might seem ludicrous to some people, but the number of YouTube millionaires is on the rise.

Many of the site's biggest stars, in fact, are millionaires several times over. Some put together elaborate comedy routines. Some have found a unique way to make money by playing video games. And others simply play with toys.

YouTube analytics site SocialBlade keeps a running tab on how many subscribers and viewers YouTube contributors have and estimates their income, based on a wide range of cost-per-thousand advertising rates, (subtracting the 45 percent of that income that Google keeps).

That creates an even wider range of estimated annual earnings. And the formula assumes every video is monetized, which they're not. Still, it's one of the best looks around at the money YouTube stars can command.

Here, based on those rankings in early May, are 10 of the biggest individuals and duos on the site. (We bypassed YouTube channels run by celebrities and corporations.)

By Chris Morris
Posted 10 May 2014

Kiyoshi Ota | Bloomberg | Getty Images