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Movin' on up and out: Food truck mania dies down

Mexicue food truck
Source: Mexicue | Facebook

Food trucks have become ubiquitous in many cities, offering entrepreneurs an affordable entry into the food business without expensive brick-and-mortar restaurants.

But some food-truck operators have since abandoned or scaled back their daily street presence to pursue more lucrative ventures, Crain's reports.

Owners of Mexicue in New York City, are selling on the street for special events, and focused on opening restaurants, with its second one slated for Times Square in June and a third to launch in October at 225 Fifth Ave, Crain's reports. The first location is in Chelsea.

Getting in on the food truck craze

Food trucks hardly are vanishing from city streets. But operators say competition has intensified for prime parking spaces and access to dense lunch traffic, Crain's reports.

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