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25% of Americans saving $0 for retirement

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Retirement savings for about a quarter of Americans amounts to ... $0.

One in every four Americans is not saving for retirement at all, either because they are not thinking about it, do not really know how or, worse, do not feel they can afford to, according to a report by Country Financial.

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Americans ages 18-29, often called "millennials," are among the worst when it comes to saving for retirement, the firm said. Nearly a third—32 percent—aren't saving at all for their "golden years."

Saving for retirement is going to get harder
Saving for retirement is going to get harder

Many 20-somethings might just be pulling themselves out of the swamps of student debt, or maybe they just think retirement is too far in the future to worry about.

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The latter might not be the best approach, said the report. Almost half of people 40 years or older claim to regret their retirement decisions.

But there may be some deeper problems at work. Forty-six percent of those who aren't saving say they cannot do so on a middle-class income. That number has risen since 2011.

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There are also knowledge gaps, though. Fifty-five percent of Americans don't know if they are participating in a 401(k) plan, and of the 45 percent who do, only three in 10 know how their money is being invested.