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High-energy, low-tax Wyoming still pursuing the American Dream

Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead
Gov. Matt Mead
Source: Office of Governor Matt Mead

As both governor and lifelong resident, I can go on and on about Wyoming and why it is the best state for business. But for brevity's sake—which I know readers will appreciate—I'll hone right in on those specific things that make Wyoming the best.

Wyoming is a strong state fiscally, with the highest credit rating—Triple A—from Standard & Poor's. We have no income or corporate tax. We are rated as the most business-friendly tax state in the country and have the lowest cumulative tax burden of any state. We believe in free enterprise and back it up with our policies. We give entrepreneurs and those pursuing the American Dream—yes, we still believe in it—room to grow.

We are rightly proud that more people are employed in our state now than ever before. We are a growing state—in population, manufacturing jobs and tech-related businesses. And we continually plan for future growth by supporting our towns and counties, encouraging new and existing businesses, developing infrastructure and providing for an educated citizenry.

The sector we are not looking to grow is state government. We are working for better, not bigger, state government. We have made strides in consolidating agencies and services, reducing the state workforce and decreasing state rules and regulations. We provide certainty in our state processes, which businesses need to thrive, but not complexity. We are nimble and able to make decisions that affect businesses or individuals in a timely fashion.

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We are the 10th-largest state geographically. Yellowstone—the first national park in the country—is only one of the many treasures people find in this big backyard of ours. Just as tourists love to explore Wyoming's beauty and grandeur, so, too, do we who live here. When it comes to our land and resources, we have a stewardship legacy.

We want to pass that legacy—better even than what we received—to future generations.

We are the top-coal producing state, we have the most uranium, we have the best onshore wind for power generation and we are in the Top 10 for oil and natural gas production. If Wyoming were a country, we would rank 10th in the world in energy production and third in energy exports.

Literally and figuratively, Wyoming energy powers our nation. Clearly, we have ample energy available here for new businesses, as well as existing and expanding businesses, to come.

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The quality of life in Wyoming is remarkable. We have clean air, clean water, wide open spaces and many small communities where people can get to know one another. We have exceptional recreation and sporting opportunities. World-class hunting, fishing, climbing, skiing, rafting, rodeo—you name it, we've got it. Simply put, Wyoming is a wonderful place to be, for businesses, for the people who work in them and for everyone who lives here.

If Wyoming were a country, we would rank 10th in the world in energy production and third in energy exports.

One last thing readers might not expect from a rural state like Wyoming: We have cutting-edge technology. We have increased access to high-speed broadband manyfold the past few years. This year, at my request and with the support of the state legislature, we are building out a Unified Network, which will provide even greater speeds and Internet access—connections typically associated with large urban areas. This means Wyoming businesses and citizens will be better connected than ever with each other, the country and the world.

We believe Wyoming is the best state for business. Come and see for yourself.

—By Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead