Repairman wrecks millionaire's rare Ferrari

This rare $600,000 Ferrari was damaged in a crash on Interstate 95 in Stamford on Monday.
Photo: John Michael Hoda | NBC CT

Luxury car collectors may start thinking twice about who they trust with their prized possessions.

A technician for a luxury car dealership wrecked an Enzo Ferrari on Interstate 95 on Monday, dealing significant damage to the rare car owned by a New Jersey multimillionaire, NBC Connecticut reported.

The driver and a passenger were not seriously injured when the 2003 Ferrari spun across three lanes of traffic and slammed into a center divider near Stamford, Connecticut. Police did issue a ticket to the driver, who works for Greenwich, Connecticut-based Miller Motorcars, NBC Connecticut said.

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State police said Michael Lux, a millionaire who made his money in mattresses, owns the car.

Ferrari built only 400 of the models, which are named after the automaker's founder Enzo Ferrari. The most high-end car Ferrari produces, it often fetches $1 million in resale.

The dealership declined to comment on the accident, according to the Associated Press.