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10 gadgets changing the nature of summer fun

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The best of the summer gadgets

A gas grill and Styrofoam cooler won't cut it this summer if you want to keep up with the "gadget" Joneses and improve your fun and relaxation.

It's the season for morning golf outings, lazy beach days and all-day grilling. But this summer is different: Crowdfunding is creating a slew of gadgets that could force the Colemans and Callaways of the world into an endless summer game of catch-up.

Consider the high-tech Coolest Cooler, which raised more than $1.9 million this past week on Kickstarter. The cooler offers USB ports, removable waterproof speakers and a functional blender, among other features.

Here's a look at 10 of the best summer-themed gadgets being manufactured by the crowd.

By Ike Ejiochi, special to
Posted 15 July 2014

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