Tech Crowd Council

  • Max Bogue

    Max Bogue, co-founder of WobbleWorks, raised more than $2.3 million on Kickstarter with his 3Doodler—7,781 percent over its funding goal.

  • Jake Bronstein

    Jake Bronstein, founder of apparel company Flint and Tinder, raised nearly $2 million in his company's crowdfunding campaigns.

  • Ricky Choi

    Ricky Choi, Nice Laundry co-founder, raised over $119,000—a Kickstarter record at the time for the most opening-day backers in fashion.

  • Alexandra Daly

    Alex Daly is founder of Vann Alexandra, a firm that finances projects via crowdfunding, such as PonoMusic, which raised over $6 million.

  • Brian Fargo, founder of inXile Entertainment, raised over $7 million for two gaming projects-both in the top 20 most funded on Kickstarter.

  • Ryan Grepper is the inventor of the Coolest cooler. It has become the most-funded project ever on Kickstarter, raising over $13.2 million.

  • Max Gunawan

    Max Gunawan, founder of Lumio, raised more than $500,000 from 5,276 backers in a crowdfunding campaign for his modern lighting systems.

  • Justin Heit

    Justin Heit, co-founder of RAEN Optics, raised $825,000 through an equity-based crowdfunding campaign for the boutique eyewear brand.

  • Julie Uhrman

    Julie Uhrman, founder of the game console OUYA, raised more than $8.5 million—the third most-funded project in Kickstarter history.

About Tech Crowd Council

  • The CNBC Tech Crowd Council is comprised of entrepreneurs who have used crowdfunding to raise a combined total of more than $40 million for their new products and startup businesses. Council members serve in an advisory capacity, offering their unique insight into the multi-billion dollar world of reward and equity crowdfunding.

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