The R&D elite of the market: The CNBC RQ 50

The CNBC RQ 50 is a new ranking of the most innovative companies in the market. From old-guard sectors, including industrials, oil and gas and defense to toy makers and some of Silicon Valley's elite, the R&D cultures within the RQ 50 companies prove that innovation isn't just about spending big, it's about a relentless long-term focus on R&D that optimizes return on innovation to shareholders. Read more about the RQ 50 methodology, created by Anne Marie Knott, professor of strategy at Washington University in St. Louis.

RQ50 2014 Chart data

Rank Name 2013 R&amp;D<br> Expense ($M) % of Rev.<br> spent on R&amp;D Projected Rev.<br> Increase ($M)*
1<a href="">McKesson</a>456.0,0.33%"3,801.4"
2<a href="">Medicines</a>146.9,21.36%18.2
3<a href="">USEC </a>186.1,14.23%33.6
4<a href=""></a>"6,565.0"8.82%"1,718.0"
5<a href="">Silicon Laboratories</a>157.8,27.20%11.7
6<a href="">Salix Pharmaceuticals</a>150.0,16.06%18.7
7<a href="">Advanced Micro Devices</a>"1,201.0"22.66%104.9
8<a href="">SanDisk</a>742.3,12.03%121.1
9<a href="">Informatica</a>165.9,17.49%17.6
10<a href="">Arris Group</a>425.8,11.72%66.8
11<a href="">PMC-Sierra</a>211.0,41.54%9.2
12<a href="">Cubist Pharmaceuticals</a>513.0,48.66%19.2
13<a href=""> Synaptics</a>144.7,21.81%12.0
14<a href="">NewMarket</a>136.6,5.99%40.1
15<a href="">Merck & Co</a>"7,503.0"17.04%762.1
16<a href="">Lam Research</a>683.7,19.00%59.4
17<a href="">Activision Blizzard</a>584.0,12.74%75.3
18<a href="">First Solar</a>134.3,4.06%54.3
19<a href=""> Rovi</a>112.8,20.96%8.7
20<a href="">TiVo</a>106.9,26.32%6.4
21<a href=""> Harmonic</a>99.9,21.63%7.3
22<a href="">OshKosh</a>112.9,1.47%119.6
23<a href="">Xerox</a>479.0,2.23%329.8
24<a href="">Northrop Grumman</a>507.0,2.06%378.7
25<a href="">Riverbed Technology</a>189.7,18.22%15.8
26<a href="">Aruba Networks</a>139.7,23.29%8.9
27<a href="">Intuitive Surgical</a>167.7,7.40%33.7
28<a href="">F5 Networks</a>209.6,14.15%22
29<a href="">Dolby Laboratories</a>168.7,18.55%13.5
30<a href="">Hasbro</a>207.6,5.09%58.4
31<a href=""> Spansion</a>126.8,13.05%13.8
32<a href="">ConocoPhillips</a>258.0,0.47%771.6
33<a href="">Forest Laboratories**</a>788.3,21.61%51.7
34<a href="">Ciena</a>383.4,18.41%29.1
35<a href="">Xilinx</a>492.4,20.67%33.2
36<a href="">Exxon Mobil</a>"1,044.0"0.27%"5,395.8"
37<a href="">Hewlett-Packard</a>"3,135.0"2.79%"1,542.9"
38<a href="">B/E Aerospace</a>220.9,6.34%47.4
39<a href="">VeriFone Systems</a>173.3,10.15%23.2
40<a href="">ResMed</a>120.1,7.93%20.5
41<a href="">Google</a>"7,952.0"13.29%800.3
42<a href=""></a>623.8,15.32%54.2
43<a href="">Exelixis</a>178.8,570.44%0.4
44<a href=""> Altera</a>385.2,22.23%22.7
45<a href="">Netflix </a>378.8,8.66%57.1
46<a href="">Microsemi</a>170.6,17.48%12.7
47<a href="">Bristol-Myers Squibb</a>"3,731.0"22.77%212.6
48<a href="">QLogic </a>147.0,31.90%6.0
49<a href="">Dow Chemical</a>"1,747.0"3.06%740.1
50<a href="">Polaris Industries</a>139.2,3.69%48.7

* from a 10% Increase in R&D Spending

**Forest Labs acquired by Actavis July 1, 2014

1. McKesson

2. Medicines



5. Silicon Laboratories

6. Salix Pharmaceuticals

7. Advanced Micro Devices

8. SanDisk

9. Informatica

10. Arris Group

11. PMC-Sierra

12. Cubist Pharmaceuticals

13. Synaptics

14. NewMarket

15. Merck

16. Lam Research

17. Activision Blizzard

18. First Solar

19. Rovi

20. TiVo

21. Harmonic

22. Oshkosh

23. Xerox

24. Northrop Grumman

25. Riverbed Technology

26. Aruba Networks

27. Intuitive Surgical

28. F5 Networks

29. Dolby Laboratories

30. Hasbro

31. Spansion

32. ConocoPhillips

33. Forest Laboratories**

34. Ciena

35. Xilinx

36. Exxon Mobil

37. Hewlett-Packard

38. B/E Aerospace

39. VeriFone Systems

40. ResMed

41. Google


43. Exelixis

44. Altera

45. Netflix

46. Microsemi

47. Bristol-Myers Squibb

48. QLogic

49. Dow Chemical

50. Polaris Industries