What's on Cramer's radar as Russia rattles bulls?

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Unexpected events in Russia captured the attention of Wall Street on Friday with late reports stoking fears that tensions had neared a boiling point.

President Petro Poroshenko said his military destroyed most of a Russian convoy that crossed into Ukraine Thursday night. According to the New York Times, it was not clear whether Russian soldiers or rebel separatists were driving the vehicles.

Meanwhile, Russia accused Ukraine of attempting to disrupt a humanitarian mission and said the actions prevented food and other forms of much needed aid from getting to civilians in the region.

For several weeks Jim Cramer has said that investors should be prepared for unexpected events, such as these, to rattle market. He's called Russia the dancing hidden bear.

However, he's also said, if you believe events will be resolved peacefully, then assess your appetite for risk and, on a selloff, establish positions in the stocks of good companies, with strong balance sheets, quality managements and attractive long-term prospects.

When you're ready to put money to work, and that's only something you can decide, the following stocks, all profiled on "Mad Money" this week, may warrant your attention.


Cramer presented UPS as a stock idea on Thursday August 15th, after sifting through results and finding a development that may not be nearly as bearish as it appears.

Specifically, when shipping giant UPS released earnings, it cut estimates and shares tumbled.

But Cramer says those cuts were due, in part, to plans to invest in the business as well as costs associated with stronger than expected demand.

All told, that which the Street found bearish, Cramer says is actually bullish.

"United Parcel is now selling at less than 17 times next year's earnings estimates, and it sports a solid 2.6 percent dividend yield, I think UPS is darned cheap at these levels. Historically the stock has sold at an average multiple of 22 times earnings. Slap that multiple on next year's numbers and this becomes a $126 stock." Cramer said.

Kinder Morgan

On Monday August 11 and then again on Thursday August 14, Cramer suggested the new Kinder Morgan Inc., as a stock idea for investors who are looking for opportunity in the days ahead. The new company, a pipeline operator that will transport vast amounts of oil and gas, will be created by consolidating three associated companies.

"As compared to rivals, the new Kinder Morgan, "will be one of only ten companies in the S&P 500 with over $75 billion in market capitalization with a dividend greater than three percent and a dividend growth greater than five percent," Cramer explained.

In turn, Cramer believes money managers will covet the stock for some time to come. By rolling up three MLPs into a new Kinder Morgan Inc., "CEO Rich Kinder has come up with a different security that embraces what this market wants most; growth with income. The new Kinder Morgan will be coveted."

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On Wednesday August 13, Cramer profiled Quintiles, a company that conducts outsourced clinical trials, specializing in the later phases.

Although the stock has advanced about 35 percent since coming public, Cramer thinks 4 catalysts could drive an additional advance; increased industry demand, the proliferation of new biotechs, the company's expertise in phase 2 and 3 trials, and strong earnings.

"Quintiles is selling for 19 times next year's earnings estimates with a 13 percent long-term growth rate. That's not super expensive." Given the catalysts, "I think this stock could have a lot more upside," Cramer said.

Boardwalk Pipeline Partners

Another pipeline company landed on Cramer's radar this past week. On Monday August 11, Cramer suggested taking a closer look at Boardwalk Pipeline Partners as an MLP that was oversold after it announced plans to reduce its distribution so it could invest in growth.

Looking at recent earnings, Cramer thinks the strategy is already starting to pay. "When Boardwalk reported last week, the company blew away the numbers. I could easily see this stock traveling up to $25," he said. And "With Kinder Morgan buying up all of its master limited partnership subsidiaries, I can even see Boardwalk as a takeover play."

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