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How a Scottish exit could hit Britain's wealthy

The pound is not the only thing losing value in the face of a Scottish exit from the U.K., Britain would also lose about 5 percent of its ultra-rich, data shows.

Of Scotland's 5.3 million inhabitants, 530 are classed as ultra-high net worth (UHNW) or individuals with wealth of at least $30 million, totalling $57 billion.

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However, if Scotland does vote for independence, it might not make that big a dent to Britain's super-wealthy. Britain has a combined net worth of $1.38 trillion, with London's wealthiest accounting for $905 billion of that figure, data from ultra-high net worth data firm Wealth-X shows.

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"If Scotland does become independent, then the UK's ultra-wealthy population will fall 5 percent, a number easily absorbed by the rest of the UK given the strong financial markets we have seen in the last year," said Mike Byrne, Wealth-X's managing director for Europe.

"The regional breakdown of the UK's UHNW wealth highlights how important London has become to the world's UHNW population, not just the UK's."

'Cold light of day will dawn' on Scottish voters: Pro
'Cold light of day will dawn' on Scottish voters: Pro

One further factor that might dissuade Scotland's ultra-rich from voting to go it alone is the effect a "Yes" may have on business. Former UK trade and energy minister and current chairman of Harris Tweed Hebrides, Brian Wilson said Scotland's financial services industry would also collapse if the region gains independence.

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"If you look at financial services, 90 percent of the customers for the very successful Scottish financial services sector - which accounts for about 15 percent of our exports – they are in England," said Wilson

"So the financial services sector will undoubtedly migrate to England if this happens," he added.

By CNBC's Jenny Cosgrave: Follow her on Twitter @jenny_cosgrave

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'Cold light of day will dawn' on Scottish voters: Pro
'Cold light of day will dawn' on Scottish voters: Pro