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Cramer's Picks: Why BofA is poised to hit $18

With a handful of intriguing new deals capturing his imagination, on Thursday's "Mad Money," host Jim Cramer took a closer look at cheap money in the market and how it's being leveraged by shrewd executives. Cramer said the decision from Twitter (TWTR) to sell $1.3 billion in bonds reflects just one way in which easy money could potentially generate value for shareholders. "Ultimately, it should help the unprofitable Internet company make acquisitions that could help it grow," said Cramer.

Also, talking with a caller, Jim Cramer said ultimately he thinks BofA trades $18, "though I don't think it gets there in a straight line," he said.

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Also, Cramer looked at a pair of stocks that, for quite some time looked as though they couldn't lose. But then times changed. One of them was Michael Kors (KORS), whose shares dropped after August earnings, with investors worried about declining margins as well as a sharp increase in inventory.


Although Cramer wouldn't buy now, he said, "I do think it's worth waiting until we see the next quarter's results before rendering a final verdict. If this really is a one-off issue involving poor timing, then the stock can absolutely rebound." What other Wall Street darling has fallen on hard times?

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Also, Cramer talked about Taser (TASR), which he thought was a clear winner as police embrace new technology including wearable video cameras. "You don't have to chase the stock up here," Cramer said, "but I no longer view Taser as speculative. It has become a serious tool for municipal governments. Therefore, I believe you can do some buying now and some buying later if the market takes a non-law enforcement spending related dive that gives you a better price for this new policing necessity."

Turning attention to biotech, as Cramer has said in the past, he again said on Thursday that he believes a recent acquisition by Roche signals that large cap pharma is looking at biotechs with attractive late-stage drug candidates and healthy pipelines as takeover targets.

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During the Lighting Round Cramer talked about a slew of stocks including Smith & Wesson (SWHC), which Cramer said was too inconsistent for his tastes and AIG (AIG), a stock Cramer likes a lot.

Also Cramer talked Restoration Hardware (RH), reiterating his long-term belief in the company. "First, they adjust, they figure it out, they improve, and the quarter did improve as it went on. Second, CEO Gary Friedman is truly a visionary who gets that he's creating a one-stop store, or, more on point, a gallery, for wealthy individuals," Cramer said.

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