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Cramer’s game plan: ‘Big, big, big’ week ahead

Wait for better moment to commit cash: Cramer
Wait for better moment to commit cash: Cramer

Given the rally on Friday, with the Dow Jones industrial average climbing by triple digits after a tumble earlier in the week, Jim Cramer thinks there are still a sizable number of investors in the market who are looking to buy pullbacks.

And although nobody likes to leverage a decline more than Cramer, he also admits there are many unknowns in the market that could take down stocks, too.

Therefore, Cramer wouldn't be surprised if the market is volatile next week; and it's through this lens that he will view the following events currently on his calendar.

Source: CNBC

Mon., Sept. 29

On Monday, Cramer will be looking for new information on the iPhone from Apple. "Given the thousands of people who waited in lines for iPhones in twenty different countries today, including Turkey, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Spain, I bet on Monday we hear about more sell-outs. Therefore, I think Apple will continue its climb."

Also on Monday, Cramer will be keeping a close watch on Ford's first analyst meeting with new CEO Mark Fields. "The auto stocks have been trading flat to down for months now, and it would be nice to hear that there's a glimmer of hope for a strong 2015."

In addition, Cramer will be watching Yahoo! to see if any more comes from the call made by activist investor Starboard demanding the company buy AOL, an acquisition they say could generate synergies of at least $1 billion. "Largely the message behind the activism is that CEO Marissa Mayer isn't the best steward of her capital. I don't know. I tire of the attacks on her and on Yahoo, After all, the stock was at $31 a year ago and now it's at $40, which is a pretty darned good move," Cramer said.

Tues., Sept. 30

On Tuesday, Cramer will be looking over results from Walgreen. "The near-term is bleak, but that's why the stock has fallen from $76 to $60. I don't know when it will turn, but if you have patience, I think WAG works."

Wed., Oct. 1

On Wednesday, Cramer will be focused on the IPO of Calithera Biosciences. "It has very similar characteristics to Agios Pharmaceuticals, a stock that rallied $10 today on news that its breakthrough blood cancer drug might have some very good phase one results," Cramer said. "Calithera has a similar method of killing blood cancers that will certainly pique investors' interests because it sounds so much like Agios."

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Thurs., Oct. 2

Cramer intends to sift through earnings from Constellation Brands on Thursday. "Here's the deal," Cramer said. "Constellation is doing incredibly well with some beer brands that it acquired as part of a forced divestiture when Anheuser Busch InBev bought Grupo Modelo. The stock's down eight points from its high of $94 and I like it very much, even though I'm worried we might hear that its wine business was jarred by a recent California earthquake. Nonetheless, I think this stock might be the quintessential buy on weakness."

Fri., Oct. 3

Of course, few events will matter more to the market than Friday's job numbers. "This one will be big big big! I've studied these payroll reports, and, as I've told you so many times before, if we get two weak payroll numbers in a row then the stock market almost always gets clobbered. A lot hinges on these numbers."

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